Termination- Your outgoing calls to any number.

      Origination- Incoming calls to your number.


Toll Free Termination Service

Q: What type of payment methods do you offer?

      A: PayPal or Check. (there is a $5 s/h fee per check)


Q: How often are the payouts made?

     A: Minutes accrue over a 1 month period. Payments are made at the end of the month.


Q: Do you offer a higher payout rate?

     A: Yes. Please contact sales@teleinx.com


Q: Do I need a static IP address?

     A: Yes. We authenticate based on IP address and it needs to stay the same.


Q: Can I resell your service?

     A: Yes. For your records you will receive a report of minutes used by each IP address.


Q: Do you pass my CID?

     A: We have 2 options; 1st will not pass the CID, pays .001. 2nd will pass the CID but pays .0005


Q: Do you impose a minimum commitment?

     A: No. There is no minimum commitment to the amount of minutes.

Toll Free Origination Service

Q: Can I port in my current Toll Free number?

      A: Yes. We will provide you with a RespOrg Form.


Q: How do you send the call to me?

     A: We send the call via SIP to your IP address or forward to any number in the world.


Q: Do you offer Toll Free numbers from other countries?

     A: Yes. We offer Toll Free and regular numbers from all over the world.



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